Frequently Asked Questions

How does the fire extinguisher extinguish fires with smoke containing potassium?

The potassium mixture encapsulates the burning particles so that they are not re-ignited.

Why is it not EN3-7 certified as a regular fire extinguisher?

There is no standard at present to certify our extinguishing agent (potassium mix) against. We have been in contact with the major testing agencies, but the extinguishing agent is too new to be able to certify the extinguishing agent against any standard.

Does it remove the oxygen?

No. You'll still be able to breathe.


What is the difference between extinguishing with powder and potassium-based smoke?

Powder is amazing as extinguishing media, but also amazing at destroying everything in its path. The potassium mix destroys nothing. However, it is difficult to measure against the extinguishing force of a powder extinguisher.

What types of fires does MAUS cope with?

Fire Classes B & C is certified in fires such as gas, and liquid liquid fires like gasoline, diesel and oil. It is also capable of minor fires such as cooking oil/fat, small fires in fabrics, paper, wood and plastics (fibrous).

How often should you check a traditional powder extinguisher versus a MAUS Xtin?

A conventional powder extinguisher should be inverted every 6 months to prevent lumps from forming and for the device to function optimally. It should also be checked regularly by checking that the pressure gauge is green, that the hose is full, that it is sealed and that it is not damaged. MAUS Xtin Klein is not pressure-based but is activated via a pyrotechnic theorem (like a knall powder pistol) that creates a chemical reaction which converts the solid potassium mix into smoke (aerosol). Since the potassium mix is in solid form from the outset, it is not affected by gravity as a traditional powder extinguisher and does not need to be touched during the 5 years that the guarantee applies (from the date of production).

Can you refill a MAUS Xtin Klein?

No, when it has been used, it is consumed.

How much weighs a 2 kg powder extinguisher and how much does a MAUS Xtin Klein weigh?

A 2 kg powder extinguisher weighs about 4 kg and a MAUS Xtin Klein 480 gram. IE 8 times as heavy as a MAUS Xtin Klein.

What types of fires DOES the potassium-based smoke NOT withstand?

Burning metal (e.g. bengals, flares or lithium batteries - applies to the MAUS Xtin series). It is also not designed for ember fires (where water is superior). The initial phase is max 45-60 seconds a little depending on the intensity of the fire and what is ignited. Overheated washer fluid is difficult to extinguish, whether it is potassium-based smoke or other extinguishing agent that is intended to extinguish the washer fluid.

What do you mean when you write that you save time and money by using MAUS first?

When you use MAUS first you can spare yourself a lot of time (cleanup, insurance issues etc.) and money. If your TV should catch fire for example and you have to extinguish it with a powder extinguisher that would destroy the entire TV, you only get the amount of money that the insurance company values the TV at.. For example a fire starts in your kitchen and you use a MAUS you can easily let out the smoke by opening the window. Should you extinguish a fire with a powder extinguisher, you would have to discard everything that comes into contact with the powder. Electronics, fittings, etc.

Can you fly with a MAUS Xtin Klein?

To be on the safe side, print the Safety data sheet and check it in, don't try to bring in your carry on luggage. It is of course at your own risk and we take no responsibility if it were to be seized. In general, restrictions are extremely stringent, even in the case of trivial things like hairsprays and power banks.

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