MAUS Xtin «Klein»

Burning petrol
If we hold trainings at the headquarters in Sweden, we usually do live tests with burning liquids. This is a perfect way to get to know the mini fire extinguisher and to understand the performance of the hand fire extinguisher.

MAUS Xtin «Klein»

Drones equipped with MAUS
The Finnish television station YLE shows how Stora Enso flying drones help fire fighters in production facilities in Finland. With this solution, you can easily access any type of fire and extinguish it without destroying the mechanics with residues.

MAUS Xtin «Klein»

Compared to an extinguishing spray
This test was carried out by a firefighter for a magazine which wanted to test the MAUS Xtin Klein fire extinguisher, extinguishing spray and a powder extinguisher. The MAUS fire extinguisher won the test. In the video, you can see the difference between a extinguishing spray and the MAUS Xtin "Small" fire extinguisher.

MAUS Xtin «Klein» Holster

Used by professionals
In this video, you can see how easy and quick fire protection can be added to a police belt. Designed for professionals who need fire protection but do not want the extra weight. The MAUS Xtin "Klein" fire extinguisher takes 2 seconds to attach to the belt and 2 seconds to release the lock. The total weight of Holster and MAUS Xtin Klein fire extinguishers is 650 grams. Very light but strong fire protection.

MAUS Xtin «Klein»

When a magazine asked MAUS's distributor in the Netherlands if they could do a test with MAUS Xtin "Klein" fire extinguishers, they tested the technology on burning liquid. It did not take long until the fire was extinguished. They were extremely satisfied with the result.

MAUS Xtin «Klein»

How to use…
If you are not sure how to use the device, you will find a simple educational film here. Start at a distance of 1 meter and approach the fire until the fire is finally cleared. Light, simple and safe!

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